Prism Thermal Containment Solution

Heat naturally rises. Rather than fighting this universal law of physics, HAC systems embrace it by channelling waste heat from your servers up and into a ceiling void or other overhead CRAC/CRAH system return.

Our hot aisle containment solution is built to be operationally efficient and aesthetic. All Prism solutions are bespoke made and can be tailored to your specific needs. Customizable features include a choice of fixed and sliding windows.

Fixed & sliding windows available.

Committed to Service

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All Prism DCS employees work to our company tagline “committed to service”. Having this ethos ingrained in our operations differentiate our service from our competitors. We always solve problems rather than find them.


In-House Design

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Prism DCS in-house design team work directly with our clients to ensure their products are manufactured to their exact requirements. Manufacturing every product from a bespoke starting point ensures 100% satisfaction rather than selling a standard product that only ticks 8/10 boxes.


In-House Manufacturing

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Prims DCS only use directly employed engineers ensuring our installation quality meets our unrivalled standards. All our engineers possess CSCS qualification, with a number holding SSSTS, BPSS and SC clearance.


In-House Installation Teams

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Prism DCS manufacture all products in-house in our completely self-sufficient facility within 15 miles of the centre of London, UK. Completing all processes without third party involvement ensures the final product is dispatched to the correct specification

Global Capability

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Prims DCS service a wide range of global clients including the world's three largest hyper-scale businesses. For installation, we commit to having teams in the air within 48 hours of goods clearing local customs.

Unbeatable Lead Times

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Despite all projects being bespoke, we aim to have complete order despatched within 5-7 working days following from receipt of order.

Award Winning Solutions

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Having recently been awarded “Data Centre Product of the year” at the Network Computing Awards for our Hot/Cold Aisle Containment Solution, we have now been nominated for more industry awards including “Customer Service Excellence”.

Favourable Return on Investment (ROI)

Lower carbon emissions

Improved Power Usage Effectiveness

Reduced Hot Spots

Extended IT equipment life

CosT saving

Product Specifications

The key to efficiency is preventing cold and hot air mixing

HAC systems channel the hot, dry waste air from your servers directly to your CRAC intake, before it can mix with the cool air delivered to the servers. This makes cooling that air more efficient.


 Perfect for raised and slab floor datacentres

One of the great strengths of a Hot Air Containment system is that it does not rely on a floor void of any kind. The cool air from your CRAC/CRAH units can simply be supplied into the room, where it will naturally gravitate to the server intakes near the floor. The hot exhaust air can be vented into a suspended ceiling plenum, or a system of simple ducts. What that all means for you is a system that can be installed inexpensively in almost any data centre or server room, yet keeps the supply and return airflows rigidly separated. This in turn allows you to run your AC coil at its hottest and most efficient setting, in some cases doubling your actual cooling capacity and reducing energy costs by as much as 38% at the same time!

Hot Aisle Containment Features
  • Manual or automated self closing door options with vision panels
  • 3m or 4m perspex upstands
  • Retrofittable to any type and size of cabinets
  • Vendor neutral – fits all makes of cabinets Doors upgrade to electronic locking & BMS integration available 
  • Gogo etching available 
  • Bespoke designs available in 5-7 days

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